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Wounded Little Bird

Norine Braun


WOUNDED LITTLE BIRD You're a wounded little bird Can you risk to share your hurt? For a winged one that can't fly high Is a bird that's doomed to die [repeat] You've soared the skies Justified there's no dream that dies You're just a bird girl Smashing in walls to get away You're just a bird girl Smashing through glass to get away Above it all you seemed No one could reach your stars Above it all you dreamed The measure of your scars yeah chorus You hop around Unaware, never leaving the ground You're just a bird girl Whose hunted heartbeat flutters fast Find the mercy seat at last Lifted by hands you join The birds of a feather flight Lifted by hands unseen Delivered from your plight yeah CHORUS © Norine Braun SOCAN All Rights Reserved.

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