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Acoustically Inclined

Human Kindness

Norine Braun


Human Kindness Words and Music by ©Norine Braun Recorded live at Crosstown Studios Engineer: Allan Rodger Magician, poet hand in hand With ridicule can break the man With praise can raise the man Magician, poet hand in hand Well I look to human kind Could you show me a little kindness Right now you can’t see But don’t be fooled by your blindness For this surface is not all of me Free your vision from within i’ll work for human kindness I’ll be your highest priestess I can endure the most you’ll see I would never leave you I would give my life for you If you could make me whole again Chorus I look at human kind Are we what we’re believing Right now we’re asleep an in our slumber Dreaming, of a world beyond all reverie Free your vision from within I wont be afraid When i know hope must stay Fear is ever the killer divine There but by love’s grace Another one anyone else’s place Could have been yours, could have been mine Chorus

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